Akrapovic ZR1/Z06 Evolution Line Stainless Exhaust

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Upgrade To An Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ZR1 Evolution Line Exhaust

The Corvette is an automotive powerhouse that showcases the
best of American muscle. When combined with a new Akrapovic exhaust, this
already amazing vehicle gets even better. The Akrapovic exhaust boosts the
Corvettes power and torque while cutting weight and giving the Chevrolet an absolutely
fantastic exhaust note. With the new Akrapovic pipes, the car makes a sound
that causes petrol heads to drool. Akrapovic and Corvette are simply the
perfect pairing for performance and sound.

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Why Choose An Akrapovic Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ZR1 Evolution Line

Power Figures At A Glance

  • 13.7 BHP Increase
  • 28.4 NM Torque Increase
  • 5.6 KG Weight Decrease

Akrapovic Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ZR1 Power Enhancements

When you add an Akrapovic Exhaust to your Corvette, it
increases the cars power by a full 13.7 BHP and 28.4 NM of torque. That kind of
power boost in a car this light and sleek makes the Corvette into an absolute
animal on the track. It accelerates faster, the throttle response feels more immediate
and the car practically flies when you put your foot down.

Akrapovic Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ZR1 Soundtrack

The exhaust note produced by a Corvette with an Akrapovic
Exhaust is epic and unmistakable. Even at start-up the car growls like a barely
contained animal. If you put your foot down this growl turns into a deep roar
that can be felt in your chest. It is the perfect complement to the Corvettes V8

Akrapovic Chevrolet Corvette Z06/ZR1 Exhaust Weight

Adding the Akrapovic Exhaust to your Corvette reduces the
cars overall weight by 5.6 KG. This means the car can corner faster and break
later giving it an advantage over stock Corvettes. The weight reduction also
makes the car feel more nimble and exciting to drive.

Corvette Akrapovic Power Figures

Expert Akrapovic Performance Exhaust Fitting

Mulgari is 1 of 10 approved Akrapovic suppliers in the UK.
All of our highly trained technicians are experts in the Akrapovic range. We
provide the highest quality service to ensure that when we hand you back your
keys, your car is perfect.

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