Mulgari+ F56 Mini JCW De Cat Turbo Downpipe

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Performance Increases: TBC

Arguably one of the most important parts of any performance exhaust system is the turbo downpipe. Designed to carry high speed exhaust gases way from the turbo charger without restricting performance. Our replacement F56 Mini turbo de cat downpipe features a couple of unique features, one being the tapered turbo flange, reducing the 3.5″ turbo flange down to 2.75″ (70mm). The second being a mini catalyst for the secondary lambda sensor, meaning no engine management light or need for ECU tuning when fitting. Laser cut mountings mean a perfect OEM fitment and high quality fit and finish.

Zircotec heat coatings are available, ask one of the team from more information.


For more information or fitting requirements then please feel free to contact us or 01189 321670


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