3D Design BMW M5 Carbon Front Splitter Set

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Upgrade to a BMW M5 3D Design Front Splitter

The 3D Design front splitter for the BMW M5 is an excellent
addition to the iconic BMW styling. This carbon front splitter increases the
cars overall downforce while directing air to cool the brakes and giving the
car a more aggressive look. This front splitter is a must for anyone who is looking
to improve their M5?s performance and give it a stylish distinction.

Why Choose A BMW M5 3D Design Front Splitter

3D Design BMW M5 Downforce

This BMW M5 3D Design Carbon Front Splitter is a great way
to increase your cars downforce. The splitter prevents high pressure low speed
air from building up under the car which would create lift. Instead, it directs
that air to the brakes or forces it up over the top of the car to increase
overall downforce.

3D Design BMW M5 Brake Cooling

If you like to brake late and corner hard, the 3D Design
Carbon Front Splitter is for you. The sleek front lip guides air to cool the
brakes which decreases fade and improves overall performance. The brakes also
cool faster which can prevent heat build-up and brake deformation.

3D Design BMW M5 Styling

When you add a 3D Design Carbon Front Splitter to your BMW,
it gives the car a more exciting look. The splitters bold lines and plunging
front lip make the car look lower like a big cat ready to pounce.

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