3D Design BMW M5 Carbon Rear Diffuser

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Upgrade to a BMW M5 3D Design Rear Diffuser

The 3D Design BMW Carbon Rear Diffuser is a great addition for any M5 driver looking to increase the styling and downforce on their BMW. The rear diffuser gives the M5 a more planted and aggressive look that helps it stand out from other M5s. The diffuser also reduces drag while helping increase the cars overall downforce.

Why Choose A BMW M5 3D Design Rear Diffuser

3D Design BMW M5 Downforce

The BMW 3D Design Carbon Rear Diffuser is a serious workhorse when it comes to downforce. The diffuser helps air escaping from under the car expand faster which actually creates a partial vacuum under the car. That means the car is pushed down hard at high speeds which is great for cornering.

3D Design BMW M5 Drag Reduction

A well built rear diffuser like the carbon rear diffuser from 3D Design can do more than just increase downforce, it also reduces overall drag on the car. The diffuser actually pushes air into its wake which means the car has a smaller slip stream. This means better acceleration at high speed and overall better performance on the track.

3D Design BMW M5 Styling

The BMW M5 is a beautiful car and adding the 3D Design Carbon Rear Diffuser only makes it better. The diffuser gives it a sportier look that helps show off this track monsters racing credentials.

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