Akrapovic BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 Carbon Rear Diffuser

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This stunning carbon fibre rear diffuser for the new BMW M3 / M4 has been designed to fit the lines of the Akrapovic Slip On and Evolution Line tail pipes, further enhancing the look of the Akrapovic system while complimenting the sleek lines of the new F80 M series.


The carbon fibre diffuser reduces the overall weight of the car by 1KG which improves performance and handling. The weight reduction alone means the car can accelerate harder, break later and take on corners faster than any stock M3 or M4.


By smoothing the transition between the low pressure, high velocity air under the car and the ambient air behind the car, the Akrapovic Rear Carbon Fibre Diffuser increases the BMWs downforce. This means better cornering and a more planted feel, providing a far superior driving experience.


By helping to reduce turbulence behind the car, the Akrapovic Rear Carbon Defuser actually reduces the cars drag at high speed. This gives the car a higher top speed and better acceleration as well as increased fuel economy.

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