BMW M2 LCI Mulgari+ Dark line Rear Tail Lights

£595.00 inc VAT

Introducing our BMW M2 Mulgari+ Rear light units a perfect upgrade for those looking to upgrade the rear look of the BMW M2. These are genuine BMW LCI LED units fitted on M2 and M2 Competition with our unique darker lens. The darker lense tones down the red of the units without affecting visibility or standard operation and are a simple plug and play fitment. Our BMW M2 Darkline rear lights work especially well for those looking to dechrome and give their cars a more defined look and accompany the M Performance options perfectly.

Fitment for:


F87 BMW M2 Competition

We do also offer a retrofit conversion for those with Pre LCI cars looking to upgrade

For more information or fitting requirements then please feel free to contact us or 01189 321670

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