Mulgari+ Tesla Model S Black Pack

£1,624.80 inc VAT

Despite the current renaissance of retro design language in the automotive industry, chrome accents are still not one of the popular highlights.

30 individual pieces of chrome are removed and treated as part of our trademark “Black-Pack”.

From removal of the rear lights and boot grab, through to full strip-down of the doors to access the chrome handles; everything chrome is removed by our skilled, Hybrid trained technicians to ensure a seamless and OEM+ finish.

Completed with a mixture of gloss and satin finishes, all chrome elements are deleted, delivering a far sleeker and modern finish.

What’s to be expected?

The parts that are removed and taken through our unique de chrome process:

  • Rear boot trim and Tesla insert
  • Four door handles
  • Two lower sill trims
  • Two front wing camera covers
  • Two wing mirrors
  • Front bumper grill
  • Two lower bumper grills
  • Window mouldings

The complete works take four business days to complete.

For more information or fitting requirements, please feel free to contact us: or 01189 321670